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Latest news regarding the floods and landslides near RJ

The number of deaths has passed  600. Thousands are homeless.  All the Methodist Churches in the area are engaged in the relief efforts, including offering shelter, even though some of them were partially damaged.

Because of the difficulty  that local Churches have to receive dollar transfers, Bishop Paulo Lockmann has suggested that donations be sent to the account below. Please identify the deposit as “Help to people affected by the floods in Rio de Janeiro”, and advise us who sent the gift.

Bank:  Citibank

ABA # 021-000-089

FBO # Citigroup Global Markets

A/C # 30604518

FFC: Associação da Igreja Metodista

A/C # 062-21566-10-439


In testimony to the Methodist community Bishop Paul Lockmann blurted: "Experiencing one of the most difficult moments of our ministry life is that I share the pain of our people. We keep on counting the dead and homeless, "he said.




According to him, the churches that remain standing in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro are sheltering several families on their premises. "We need everything: water, food and clothing to reduce the suffering of the homeless."

For Lockmann, the numbers are still uncertain, but two districts in Teresópolis virtually disappeared: “Calembe and Posse”. "In Nova Friburgo the situation is different, and in Petropolis we lost the house of the pastor Neliel in Cuiaba. He and his family are fine, but 40 members of this church has died, in addition to 100 others in the neighborhood of Cuiaba.

According to the Civil Defense of the towns of Nova Friburgo and Petrópolis Teresópolis, firefighters team are still doing the rescue. Many people are suffering from lack of food at home. There are still some supermarkets working, but to avoid turmoil, customers are being served in small groups.

Methodists are among those affected


By the time of closing  this newsletter, the number of people killed has surpassed the 500. The situation is still chaotic and very sad for the lives of villagers who survived and relatives and friends of victims of the tragedy. "We have here a very difficult situation. There are still people who are missing and others that were not rescued, "said Pastor Paulo Rangel, who is serving the homeless at the Church of Nova Friburgo.

"Here we are also working as a shelter for those who do not know where to go. We have two families with us, "said Rangel.

Among the victims of the flooding, is an elderly couple who attended  the Methodist Church in Cuiaba, neighborhood in Petropolis city. According to Pastor Elson Amaral Brum, District superintendent of Petropolis, the situation is terrible in the mountainious region. Homeless people walk down the streets searching of help. 70% of the members of the church in Cuiabá had their homes destroyed .

Pastor Elson part of the Sanctuary was under rain water.

The Central Methodist Church in Teresópolis is also functioning as a shelter. "We have 100 people here now who are being treated by psychologists, doctors and other volunteers," said church secretary, Herminia Farnum.

Last  Friday, the National Headquarters of the Methodist Church here in Brazil, as well as other conferences  and the headquarters of the church in England joined us in prayer for the victims of floods in the southeast of the country.

"I just got  back from our break to pray on behalf of people affected by floods in Brazil, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Venezuela and Australia," informed the Rev. Tom Quenet, from the Methodist Church in England; he the Mission Secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean. Our brothers of the National Office must continue in prayer in the coming days.

Here are some reasons to intercede for
1. The rains cease (now the rescue work was prejudiced because it does not stop raining).
2. May the comfort of the Holy Spirit come upon the mourning ones.
3. That rescue teams have expertise to handle the situation.


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