Publicado por José Geraldo Magalhães em Geral - 14/12/2013

Methodist Church in Brazil creates 7th ecclesiastical region

A historic decision marked the meeting of COGEAM  held this weekend. The creation of the 7th Ecclesiastical Region.
The proposal was approved unanimously in December, 14th. 2013 and it will take 2 years to have been installed. The new region will be composed by the northern districts of Rio de Janeiro. The Methodist communities of south-central Rio will remain part of the 1st Region.
According to Bishop Paul Lockmann, this is a historic moment. No region had been created since 1965 when  the sixt region was created. He hopes that this becomes a practice in church´s life. The objective of the proposal is to attend the biblical imperative of multiplication, creating more agile structures to reach the entire state of Rio de Janeiro.
The transition  will be until the end of 2015. The two regions will be presided by Bishop Paulo Lockmann with the support of Missionaries Superintendents  until the next council in 2016.
At the next General Council shall be elected two new bishops .
Translation: Eula Gomes

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